Sagittarius Zodiac Printable Wall Art

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Sagittarians (or those who just love one)! Meet the Sagittarius Zodiac Wall Art that’s set to inspire and energize your space like never before🌟

This wall art is literally written in the stars for you.

This design embodies the essence of what it means to be a Sagittarius: freedom-loving, truthful, and ever-enthusiastic to beautify your space and inspire you every single day.

*** please note, this is a digital download***

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Introducing our Zodiac Sign Collection-a series of beautifully crafted printable art pieces that bring the magic of the cosmos right into your home or office.

Each zodiac sign has been artistically rendered to reflect its unique characteristics and energy, perfect for personalizing your space or giving as a thoughtful gift.

Your new Sagittarius wall art is more than just a pretty piece, it’s designed to capture the adventurous and optimistic spirit of Sagittarius.

Available Aspect Ratios and Print Sizes:

2:3 Aspect Ratio: Suitable Print Sizes

  • Inches: 4×6, 6×9, 8×12, 10×15, 12×18, 16×24, 20×30, 24×36
  • Centimeters: 10×15, 20×30, 30×45, 40×60, 50×75, 60×90

3:4 Aspect Ratio: Suitable Print Sizes

  • Inches: 6×8, 9×12, 12×16, 15×20, 18×24, 24×32
  • Centimeters: 15×20, 22×30, 30×40, 38×50, 45×60, 60×80

4:5 Aspect Ratio: Suitable Print Sizes

  • Inches: 4×5, 8×10, 12×15, 16×20, 24×30
  • Centimeters: 10×12, 20×25, 30×38, 40×50, 60×75

11:14 Aspect Ratio: Suitable Print Sizes

  • Inches: 11×14, 22×28
  • Centimeters: 28×35, 55×70

A-Series Paper Sizes:

  • Includes A1, A2, A3, A4, and A5

Each Zodiac sign print is available for download in both PNG and PDF formats, ensuring high-resolution outputs at 300 dpi for vibrant and detailed visuals.

Printing Instructions:

  • You can easily print these files at home, your local print shop, or through an online printing service. For the best visual impact, I recommend using heavyweight paper (150gsm or higher).
  • Keep in mind that colors may slightly vary depending on your monitor, printer settings, and the paper type used.

Celebrate your star sign or gift a personalized piece of the zodiac to someone special with these versatile and enchanting prints.


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