Virgo Wall Art Printable

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Calling on all Virgos,  Is your space craving some celestial order and beauty?

Our Virgo Zodiac Wall Art Printable is here to add a touch of your grounded, analytical, and sophisticated nature to your home.

Perfect for astrology lovers and Virgos alike, this digital art piece will enhance your decor with its elegant design and attention to detail.

Why You’ll Love It:

Elegant Design: This artwork captures the essence of Virgo, reflecting your precision, practicality, and love for cleanliness and beauty.

High-Quality Digital Art: Available in high resolution (300 dpi), ensuring your wall art looks crisp and stunning, whether you choose to print it small or large.

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Ever been stuck trying to find the perfect gift for a Virgo? Trust me, I know the struggle.

The meticulous nature of Virgos can make gift-giving tough. But what if I told you there’s an easy solution that combines their love for aesthetics and practicality?

Introducing the Virgo Wall Art Printable

Meet the Virgo Wall Art Printable,  a digital art print that’s as versatile as it is beautiful.

Unlike other wall decor options that make you settle for one size or format, this piece comes in five different ratios, making it a fit for almost any space.

Key Features:

  • Multiple Size Ratios:
  • 2:3 Ratio:
    • Inches: 4×6, 6×9, 8×12, 10×15, 12×18, 16×24, 20×30, 24×36
    • Cm: 10×15, 20×30, 30×45, 40×60, 50×75, 60×90
    • 3:4 Ratio:
    • Inches: 6×8, 9×12, 12×16, 15×20, 18×24, 24×32
    • Cm: 15×20, 22×30, 30×40, 38×50, 45×60, 60×80
    • 4:5 Ratio:
    • Inches: 4×5, 8×10, 12×15, 16×20, 24×30
    • Cm: 10×12, 20×25, 28×35, 30×38, 40×50, 60×75
    • 11:14 Ratio:
    • Inches: 11×14, 22×28
    • Cm: 28×35, 55×70
    • A-Series Paper Sizes:
    • A1, A2, A3, A4, A5

High-Resolution Files:

    • Each file is available in both PNG and PDF formats, ensuring you get the best quality print at 300 dpi.

User-Friendly Printing:

    • You can print your artwork at home, at a local print shop, or through online printing services. For the best results, I recommend heavyweight paper (150gsm or higher). Just a heads up , colors might slightly vary based on your monitor, printer, and paper.


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